Friday, August 12, 2016

Taking Paper Floristry To New Heights

It has not crossed my mind that paper floristry could be a possible route I could embark on. After all, I picked up this new hobby to satisfy my desire to enhance my own home decor and perhaps arrange some flowers for personal gifting. It is a far cry to compare this genre of delicate paper craft with jewelry making which I am so in tune with. But one thing for sure, I love both kinds of craft because blending pretty colors together makes my day a little better and worth the time spent completing what I set out to do. It also (always!) gets a hundred times better when people out there notice my work and have faith in my skills. I am very thankful for the opportunities.

My first order were for a few stalks of paper flowers meant for photography background props. For props, the colors considered had to be fairly neutral which should compliment and not dominate the picture. For variety, I made a light pink cherry blossom branch, a pair of white magnolias (probably not a variety seen locally) and baby's breath. 

My second order that came through was for a 10" floral wreath for a wall decor. A lush pastel theme concept was decided and this took me approximately a total of 7 hours to put together, spanning across 3-4 days. 4 days, you ask? Well, I also had to attend to jewelry orders and priorities at home. There was also no doubt that I made some paper blunders here and there which required me to re-do some of the process from scratch. Hence I am grateful to be given the space and flexi-time to work on this particular order. For a handmade artist, we thrive when given sufficient time to work with our inspiration so that we can produce our best.
A mock up of a halfway arranged wreath for my client to see if she was happy with what she was seeing so far.
And the final product!
More recently, a request to make potted garden roses came through for a birthday gift. I considered the home decor of the recipient's before embarking on this style. "Minimalist and functional" was what I gathered so a color blend of peach with light pink hue roses would brighten up the home and of course, most importantly, to put a smile on the recipient's face.

Having only dabbled with paper flowers just a few months ago, it has been a great start for me to receive these few orders. And I think I am ready to begin my journey with paper floristry service! 

What are my prices like?
I can't tell you enough that it is something hard to put a finger on, just like my handmade jewelry, because it's so hard to price time which is the crux of it all. Considering the amount of time spent painting the colors -> to cutting petals in shape -> curling the individual petals -> assembling and taping each petal together -> purchase suitable sized vases (if any) -> style an arrangement, I am ascertain many would be able to appreciate and be willing to invest in the entire process that's made with much love and care.

As I am still a budding artist and building up my paper floristry portfolio,  I am currently happy to work on orders by a given budget which I could then advise you what I can offer to make based on that budget. It works very much like how you would walk into a florist and tell them your budget for a customized bouquet of flowers. So think along this line of the prices that a florist would quote you for a floral arrangement.

If you are considering a unique and lasting gift anytime soon for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or just something to brighten your personal space or someone's day, do connect with me! If your budget permits when a suitable occasion arises, do also consider adding a handmade jewelry gift with a bouquet. Adeline's Loft will now house 2 of my crafts - jewelry and paper floristry. Email me with your requests!

Till the next post, have a wonderful day!

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Friday, August 5, 2016

DIY Terrarium for Home Decor

[This is a product review for Floral Garage Singapore. No monetary compensation was made. All opinions expressed here are my own.]

Making a terrarium to enhance the decor of my home has never crossed my mind. Ever. That's because I know I have zilch green thumb and it would be a real pity to put in the effort to plant yet not see it survive. Though I don't deny that a mini table top garden is one of the best ways to add a little greenery to an indoor space especially when most of us are living in apartments in Singapore.

My 16 year old son, Brandon, is quite the complete opposite of me in the greenery department. He recently revealed to me that he loves plants, which caught me by surprise. Well actually, I shouldn't be surprised that much because I know he is a nature and animal lover. When I asked him if he would like to try out making a terrarium, which the kind people at Floral Garage Singapore approached me to try, he was more than happy to give it a go... on my behalf... because... you know why... 

The 'Premium DIY Terrarium Kit' arrived at my doorstep a few days later. I literally wowed to the delivery guy as I was not expecting it to come in such a huge and heavy box. There was a generous assortment of plants, gravels and premium soil mixes supply for our use. (More than enough supply to make 3 or 4 terrariums, me thinks!) This premium kit came with 2 very gorgeous high quality glass bowl/jar, which was the highlight for me. I also super adore the cute miniature gardening tools and spray bottle that came with it! Apart from a pair of scissors, we were good to go with making our terrarium since everything else has been provided for. At this point, I think my excitement meter went up quite a bit. I could not wait for Brandon to complete the terrariums!

Brandon spearheaded this project, while I was just his assistant, handing him the tools and topping up the gravels that he needed as he followed the step by step guide provided in the box. He knew exactly what he needed to do to build the terrariums so I would give this two thumbs up for any beginner.

It took him about 45 minutes to complete both terrariums, one with the open bowl and the other jar with lid. I mentioned earlier that he is a nature lover, so imagine when he said this, "Mum, I feel pain for the plants" while he was pruning the roots! *faint* But well, we did learn that it is a necessary step to trim the long overgrown roots if transferring out from a pot to another, before we nestle the plants so that it can re-establish itself into new soil.

The process of building these terrariums was very therapeutic for Brandon and I am glad that this may be an additional outlet for him to find relaxation from the daily stresses at school. Unfortunately though, the open bowl terrarium did not last us more than 3 days. (!!!) We are not sure what went wrong though we highly suspect it could be the initial over watering due to over enthusiasm or the lack of sunlight or both. On the other hand, I am so pleased to report that the terrarium in the enclosed glass jar is still THRIVING!

Can you see the sloping landscape? We added some larger decorative pebbles of our own to make it look more foresty. Brandon wants to look for tiny decorative pokemons to add into this little garden. Well... until he finds them, I'm happy with what we have in our home now.
The enclosed jar terrarium is truly self-sustaining, since it can provide enough humidity within the enclosure thus creating its own little ecosystem. It requires almost zero attention from us apart from a little weekly water spray job that Brandon has committed himself to do. It's been 4 weeks and it still looks exactly the same as the day it was built. I am really pleased looking at such a lovely little garden in our living room whenever I walk past it. (And pssst, we will be re-working on the open terrarium again soon! We just need to get more plants!)

All in all, I am really glad that we were given the opportunity to experience building terrariums in the heart of our home and at our convenience. I would recommend this to anyone who has no experience with plants to give the enclose jar terrarium a go as it is by far, the easiest to care for.

If you are keen to own a terrarium for your home too, do visit Floral Garage Singapore to see the variety of terrarium categories and DIY kits that they have recently launched. I think these make absolute great gifts for house warming and birthdays for those who probably have everything but a terrarium! While you are checking out the terrariums with them, do also check out the other customized floral gifts and party supply needs. And you know what's the best part? They pride themselves as a social enterprise so it's always good to know you will be indirectly playing a part to help others in need, when you make your purchases from them.

*** Specially For My Readers***
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(Terrarium gift idea for Christmas too, perhaps?)

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Thursday, July 28, 2016


Recently, I was featured in Vibes, a quarterly published community magazine, alongside 4 other amazing mumpreneurs living in the same area. Even though all 5 of us come from different backgrounds, have different ambitions and in different line of work, the one thing we can all unanimously agree on is that being a mumpreneur entails on being a mother first before our work undertakings.

I believe we thrive on the flexibility that our role offers, which allow us to give our utmost best to our family and what we are passionate about pursuing, at the same time. Over time and perseverance, we are each at where we want to be (and more!) which makes raising our families' and running a business, a very meaningful journey to hold on to.

Zooming in on my write up! but please believe me, I didn't endorse myself as a 'popular mum blogger'. It was purely the perception of the magazine's interviewer.
At the blink of an eye, it has already been 11 years since I ventured into providing handmade jewelry service online. To find out more about what I have been up to all these years, you can read more about my journey as a jewelry crafter here.

Thank you everyone, for your continued support to local mumpreneurs, in big and small ways! 

Do connect with us individually, should the need for our services arise :

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